Mochi is brilliant. There’s no better way of putting it. But our mochi is a little more brilliant with some patience - then, you get the perfect combination of refreshing punchy flavour, and soft ice cream that melts in your mouth. All it will take you is a five-minute wait. A painstakingly long five-minute wait in which you have to do your best to keep your hands off the mochi. So, what to do in the meantime? To make your wait easier, we’ve compiled a list of fun things you can do while waiting for your mochi to thaw.

1) Do a little dance

We LOVE Freddie Mercury. Try listening to ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. You won’t be able to resist the music.

2) Make yourself a drink

Whether it’s a cuppa, a latte, or something stronger, all food is better if it’s followed by a sip of something good.

3) Browse our website

In this blog section, you can read all about mochi. Everything from its origins in Japan, to the story of our founders Viv and Howard, to Little Moons’ latest ventures.

3) Make it into a milkshake

Who said you have to eat mochi on its own? To up your mochi game, blend it into a milkshake! Use your choice of milk, some ice, and a couple of our mochi balls. et voila!

5) Slice and Serve

Gather a combination of your favourite flavours and slice them into halves or quarters and then squash them together for a perfect mochi mix.

Good luck with the wait!