Little Moons are a delicious bite-sized ball of perfection and eating them is a completely unique experience. They are unlike anything you have ever tasted before making each time eating them a particularly special moment, a mochi moment. With the weather getting warmer and the sun shining it makes Little Moons even more snackable.


Here are Little HQ we are so lucky to have a huge freezer constantly stacked with the delicious mochi goods. With a constant supply of moons our special mochi moments can happen any time of day. And we mean ANY…sometimes we even eat mochi for breakfast!

Away from the office our Little Moons Family enjoys their mochi moments. We asked our team their favourite:

Salted Caramel while watching a film or a TV show

Vanilla while reading a book

Tropical while out on a walk

Hazelnut responding to emails

Pistachio in the car

Coconut after breakfast or before breakfast

Chocolate Hazelnut afternoon with a cuppa

Strawberries and Cream after a workout (or during)


We asked our community their favourite time to eat mochi, here is what we got…

Anytime… all the time

Midnight snack

As a garnish with a cocktail

After school

When in the bath

In front of my fav TV show in the evening after work! Perfect wind down treat

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

On the way back from Selfridges

Keeping nice and Chilly…

When out and about… mochi I can’t live without.

We are so excited to show you our Little Chilly’s Tub, which keeps your mochi nice and cold for up to 2 hours! These reusable tubs of joy are the summers hottest (or coldest) accessory and perfect for a picnic. Next time you are picnicking why not whack some Summer Raspberry, Strawberries and Cream or Vanilla mochi into it and voila… portable mochi!