Here at Little Moons we are passionate about looking after our people and our planet as we grow as a business.


Bring the joy


Aim for the moon




Own it


We go the extra mile to make people smile. Our aim is to create little lifts that spark positivity for our team and our consumers every day. Little Moons is a happy, positive, and friendly place to work and we believe that every team member has got a part to play in creating this culture. When working at Little Moons expect little lifts, including care packages, pizza parties, office fun, company sick pay and of course…
lots and LOTS of mochi.


We are driven by our ambition; we shoot for the stars and aim for the moon. We already have a high performing team, but we are on a never ending mission to expand our Little Moons family and find the perfect colleagues who represent our core values. We have big plans and delivering them requires all team members to be ambitious for what we can achieve.


We work with integrity and this means having respect for yourself, your colleagues, the product, the environment and our community. Our aim is to be a business full of people who want to do the right thing, at every turn.


We want the whole of our Little Moons team to ‘Own It’. We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to upskill our team members and develop their skill set. We are also constantly identifying how we can make things leaner and reducing waste throughout the business.

What sets us apart?

We embrace the unordinary! Some of us are creative, some logical, some technical, some organised – we are all different. But that’s why it works. When our skill sets are combined, we work perfectly together to be one amazing team! To be engaged, you must feel included and valued, so we have built, and nurtured a culture where inclusiveness is a way of being.

Our approach to diversity is simple. It’s about embracing anyone and everyone. We are committed to welcoming everyone, regardless of gender identity, orientation or expression. We are diverse in age, gender identity, race, physical or mental ability, ethnicity and perspective. Our diversity fuels our innovation, bringing new ways of thinking and helps connect us to our customers and the communities we work in.

Little Moons offers you an excellent working environment, with enthusiastic colleagues who constantly communicate and co-operate with each other. The working climate is informal (and fun if we do say so ourselves), but we all work hard. We are all proud to be part of Little Moons; we share the same passion and dedication to the company and embrace all of our differences, in cultural backgrounds and skills.

What to expect…

Being part of Little Moons means being part of a unique and dynamic group of people and that’s the way that Vivien and Howard, our founders, want it to be. Every single member of our team is special and we all take pride in the work we do. We believe that working for Little Moons should be rewarding, fulfilling, exciting and worth jumping out of bed for every day.

There are lots of great things about working for Little Moons but here are some highlights

  • Lots and lots of amazing mochi ice-cream! (plus, other food and snacks)
  • Wellness programmes – because your physical and mental health are equally important to us
  • Position to thrive. Whether you are early in your career or an experienced professional, Little Moons provides you with everything you need to excel in your job and for personal growth. You will be actively encouraged to increase your skill set and to attend training and growth opportunities.
  • Employee assistance program with GroceryAid
  • COVID permitting – Birthday Afternoon Tea, Town Halls, Summer Fun Day, Christmas Parties, Outings and Friday quizzes, Charity involvement, along with cultural events all go towards creating a working environment that is fun and enriching, with a lot of laughing!
Working at Little Moons
  • Free onsite parking with covered bike storage. We also have electric car charging points and for those cycling in or going to the gym before work we also have full shower facilities.
  • Excellent pay and rewards with annual assessments to ensure fair and equal pay.
  • In addition to generous holidays, we offer flexible working where possible, company sick pay, and family friendly programmes, because we want you to be fully recharged.
  • Onsite canteen and watch this space on how that will develop over the next few months!